• Metropolisdude


    November 16, 2013 by Metropolisdude

    Adel was a girl who people thought had a power to bend demons to her will and kill them after used...when school was out she heard a bunch of girls talking about a killer...."was it Jeff" she thought in her head or was it "Johnny" or " Jane" no not Jane she died a long time ago and she is never coming back...and she knew not to speak up about Jeff or those kids would die.....she decided for the hell of it to speak but before she could take a step her drunk/Pornstar dad came up in his new mustang he got from the mayor of this dumb town,she decided it wouldn't be so fun if the cops were after her..strangely enough reader you would have thought it would be that right you'd wish right....."how was your day at school adel was the kids sad about…

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