Hello, MeltingLizard here. I've read and explored this site for years and am happy to finally make an account. I have been writing for awhile but all I ever put online was a (mostly finished)fan fiction with The Punisher and Deadpool. I've heard good things about it, I posted a link on my account page so you can check it out if you interested/curious.

Anyway, I'm really glad to be part of this great site and community, I hope to make some friends and maybe get to know the admins a little bit as well.

This is mostly just my introduction, just thought I'd take the time out to say "Hi" I suppose. I'm currently working on my first pasta. I'm in the very early stages and I hope it ends up good enough to stay on the site.

Also, just a suggestion but I was wondering if there could be a new genre or category simply known as Snuff. Just any story that is snuff film related. I find pastas about them to be very readable and interesting. If not, no hard feelings. Just a suggestion.

But yeah look forward to maybe chatting with some of you and getting some feedback when my pasta is finished and hopefully I can write and publish several on here.

P.S. Sorry if this post seems a bit weirdly written, I had a bunch of Red Bulls and I'm feeling fairly hyper.