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    Kind of funny, I only know two songs entitled "Buried Alive" and they're both quite phenomenal.

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  • MeltingLizard

    Creepypastas based on old WWF wrestlers. Now hear me out: I'm not exactly a big fan of wrestling, but as of late I've taken great interest in the private lives and stories told by wrestlers like Honky Tonk Man, Hulk Hogan, The Iron Sheik, Mr. Perfect etc. They were really interesting guys outside of wrestling and have many awesome drug-fueled funny stories.

    Many of the most interesting wrestlers like Mr. Perfect, Macho Man Randy Savage, The Ultimate Warrior, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Bret the Hitman Hart, all of whom have passed (some mysteriously) have been some of the most interesting.

    Perhaps a cool reality-based pasta a-la Richard Pryor could be made out of some of this. Granted you may be wondering why I don't just do this myself instead of t…

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  • MeltingLizard

    It was called Uncle Joe or something like that and it was in the NSFW section? I'm just asking because I feel like it was real but I'm not sure if it was on this site or not. It was this long, repulsive and pointless story about some guy that does horrible shit to a bunch of young girls or something.

    It was so horrible to the point that it was a laughable joke. Made hilarious by the fact that it had the dad from Friday(John Witherspoon) as it's picture lmfao.

    Does anyone remember this or... am I just mental?

    (This picture to be exact)

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  • MeltingLizard

    Being a loyal binge-reader of this site, I would like to draw some attention to some really good and/or interesting pastas I have read recently that I think you should check out. (Let me know in the comments if you've read one of these after reading and ended up liking or hating it)

    Stubb's Clubhouse A really cool haunted/lost tape-type of story. Manages to make a kid show about a clown incredibly creepy without being too clichéd.

    The Clown, the Paint, and the Turbines This one, along with the one that comes before it, are both great in their own way. The one that comes before ( The Clown, the Paint and the Circus ) shines on a much larger scale being more of a cool and weird horror story that leaves some questions to be answered. This one h…

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  • MeltingLizard

    So, I have been wondering... what do you guys think of the 2007 Halloween remake?

    For whatever reason(and keep in mind, I can be a snob but if you look at my user page you'll see that I like a lot of stuff at the same time) I think I may like the remake better than the original. The original is classic and feels like a perfect, fun slasher that hits all of the notes as well as capturing the feel of Halloweeny-ness(the holiday).

    The remake however, chooses to spend a lot of time showing a young Michael leading up to the events of his incarceration in the asylum. These scenes, as well as many, came off as very real to me. For whatever reason(and I've seen some messed up shit like "Antichrist" with Willem Dafoe) when we see Michael bludgeon his…

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