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    An Idea or Two...

    September 18, 2013 by Melonaut

    I have an idea for a creepypasta... I was thinking about my sculpting class, and I learned of the large oven used to fry clay and harden it called a kiln. I think all sorts of bad/creepy things have potential with that. But the idea in my mind is that there's a girl who somehow gets trapped in a kiln in her class, and someone turns it on by accident. She obviously burns to death, and no one realizes the mistake until they smell skin burning... 

    Does anyone have any ideas to add onto this?

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  • Melonaut

    Heh, I really should.  Work and room organizing won't do itself.  I really wish it would. :/ 

    But anyways! Hello world, I'm Melonaut (mel - oh - naught), but you can call me Melo.  Or Melon, as another user put it. Originally, my username was supposed to be "Dreadnaut", but that was already taken. :(

    I am, simply put, a n00b here on wikia. So if I say something stupid please correct me (politely, if you wouldn't mind). I have a lot of ideas for some creepypasta stories, if anyone wants to collab on a story, I'd be more than happy to! ^^  

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