In contrast of my last post, I'd like to make a post on things I do want to see. i guess I feel really positive today.


This is something I see in a lot of the really good pastas and almost never see in the "less than adequate' pastas. Emotion is a extremely powerful divice in both prose and poetry, and I see it left out in a lot of writings. I horror/fright/fear don't have to be the only emotions in the story. Love, bleak happyness, sadness, regret, lonelyness, envy, rage/anger, want; these and many more emotions can be used in conjunction with the former to create a much more sophisticated piece. A great pasta I read that incorperated this was Julia Legare ([[1]]).

Pull An "Inception"

Try to leave your reader thinking a bit, just enough for them to understand the true meaning/ending. Don't over do it. For if your reader does not understand it, then there was no point in writing the pasta in the first place. I personally like that feeling of not understanding it at first, because when you do finally understand, it makes it that much more satisfying.


Maturity as in the level the work was written. Sometimes I find a couple stories that have a good story behind them, but the story wasn't written fluidly. The main reason I find this (from my own, personal writings) is because it was not revised. Don't feel as though revision means that you can't write well. You will always be able to make your writing better and better. If not right away, then later on in your life, when you havbe learned more. And revising a story is a lot easier than start all over from scratch, plus it will normally turn out even better.

That's all I got for now. I really wish I could make these a little longer, but my brain needs rest right now.