Thought I'd make this to see what people think. I'm not to sure what I should take of it, but here it is anyways.

When I founf out about LTS (Lavender Town Syndrome), I had almost gone made from it. The first few nights after I didn't even get any sleep. It had affected me to the point where I grabbed both the real and the "beta" songs straight from Youtube and ran them both through a spectrogram. It gave me some relief to see no hidden pictures, though after looking at the frequencies I could really understand why it did this to me.

So it got to the point where the songs didn't even affect me anymore - I was completely immune. I had dragged both the files to the recycle bin and forgot about them. Well, after a few weeks had passed I thought I'd enjoy listening to them one more time. so I pulled them back out and listened to them. First I listened to the "beta", and like I said, I didn't really scare me. But then I listened to the real one.

Well "listened" isn't the right word. Five seconds in the music just stops. Not as in the song ends, but the sound just cuts. First time I thought my computer just crashed and nothing was working. But everything else was fine, evne WMP.

Now I wish I could tell you guys this is fake. But if it was, then I would be writing this as a creepypasta (and it would probably be my best one yet). So I'll write it here, in my blog. Anyone who could tell me more about it then please comment, or PM me. Much appreciated...

I'm a troubled child... (talk) 23:50, September 16, 2012 (UTC)