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  • Meldin263

    In contrast of my last post, I'd like to make a post on things I do want to see. i guess I feel really positive today.

    This is something I see in a lot of the really good pastas and almost never see in the "less than adequate' pastas. Emotion is a extremely powerful divice in both prose and poetry, and I see it left out in a lot of writings. I horror/fright/fear don't have to be the only emotions in the story. Love, bleak happyness, sadness, regret, lonelyness, envy, rage/anger, want; these and many more emotions can be used in conjunction with the former to create a much more sophisticated piece. A great pasta I read that incorperated this was Julia Legare ([[1]]).

    Try to leave your reader thinking a bit, just enough for them to understand…

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  • Meldin263

    Is LTS Affecting Me?

    September 16, 2012 by Meldin263

    Thought I'd make this to see what people think. I'm not to sure what I should take of it, but here it is anyways.

    When I founf out about LTS (Lavender Town Syndrome), I had almost gone made from it. The first few nights after I didn't even get any sleep. It had affected me to the point where I grabbed both the real and the "beta" songs straight from Youtube and ran them both through a spectrogram. It gave me some relief to see no hidden pictures, though after looking at the frequencies I could really understand why it did this to me.

    So it got to the point where the songs didn't even affect me anymore - I was completely immune. I had dragged both the files to the recycle bin and forgot about them. Well, after a few weeks had passed I thought…

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  • Meldin263

    It seems I have been tunning into a lot of pastas that have the same features as the more popular pastas. I find it's making these stories quite dry and boring. So if you come across this, then take note of these cliches and refrain from yusing them.

    This cliche is when the pasta starts off with " You got to..!" or "You must..!". Normally used to make the user feel as though the speeker is talking directly to you, it has now become way overused.

    Prognosis: Instead, start off talking about what's wrong and, in the body itself, show the urgency of the situation.

    This I have been running into quite a bit now. It's when the speaker is cut off mid-paragraph and the antagonist takes over and starts typing, normally ending it with "You're next". Th…

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