aka Adam

  • I live in Texas
  • I was born on March 29
  • My occupation is Unemployed
  • I am Male
  • MeganPepper

    Today is my brithday. I'm so excited! My mom is going to buy me HLF2 and terraria.

    So, yeah. We arew going to be gone on saturday and friday. I hope the hotel has internet, i want to watch the creature stream!

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  • MeganPepper


    March 7, 2012 by MeganPepper

    So, theres this girl in my class. Her name is Angel (Really Angelica. I call her Angelica because Angels to much of a special name.) Today, she wrote me a note. It said "Fu". So, i wrote back "I hate you". THe rest was like:

    Me: Get a life. (Binary stuff here)

    Angelica: No you.


    So, it lead to a physical fight and i got in trouble. Lovely day.


    Weirdo for the win.

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