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  • MeTieDoughtyWalker

    Original Creations (OC) and User Submissions

    What is the OC category?

    The OC category was created by the admins so people who submitted their own work to the site could do so without worrying about their piece being unfairly altered in bias ways. This category protects artists work from thoughtless vandalism. People can still go in and correct grammar mistakes but that's it. Your artistic vision is at least somewhat protected.

    Site Rules

    If something is in the OC category it most also be listed on the User Submissions page. If you add your story to the OC category and it is not listed on the User Submissions page you have thirty minutes to add it or it will removed from the category and you will be blocked for one day. The same rule applies if…

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  • MeTieDoughtyWalker

    Creating Links

    (Updated as of 3\25\13)


    1: Switch your edit window from visual to sours. The Sours and Visual buttons are at the top right of your editing tool bare. Right above where it says “more +”.

    2: You can create a link to any page on the wiki by typing the name of the page and surrounding it with two sets of square brackets. [[ ]].

    3: By default the link will display the name of the page it links to.

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  • MeTieDoughtyWalker

    Finding Your Story's Place In The Article Listing

    The article listing is a list of links to all the stories on the site.

    1: To go to the article listing page go to the bar at the top of the screen where it says “Creepypasta Wiki” in large letters then to Site Navigation and click on Article Listing. First select the letter category your story belongs in. A story whose first word starts with L, as in Listen to the Dark, belongs in the L category. Now you need to put your story in the list in alphabetical order starting with the first word. You're looking for titles with the same letters as your title. The same letters in the same order. Listen to the Dark and Lisa have three letters in common: L I S. These letters are also in the same order. …

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  • MeTieDoughtyWalker

    Hello I am MeTieDoughtyWalker and this is my Creepypasta Wiki upload tutorial. This tutorial will walk you step by step through uploading a story, adding it to the article listing and adding categories. It will also tell you how to correctly add your story to the OC (Original Creation) category and the User Submissions page and inform you of site rules related to uploading a story.

    I made this tutorial for noobs. Not just wiki noobs but people new to writing, uploading their art to the net and possibly using a computer. It contains extras such as key-board short cuts and reminders to keep saved copies of your work. This tutorial is basic with a capital B. This is computers for granny. For a quick overview of what you need to do try these ot…

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