• Mcking43

    Ed, Edd & Eddy

    August 22, 2012 by Mcking43

    Ed, edd & Eddy, All grown up  Edd: Hello my name is edd, well my friends call me Double D but hi, as you all know about the famous kids tv show Ed edd & eddy, all of you know us as kids and pre teens, Well we all grown up, here's how it's going: *Its started as Ed hands Eddy a drawn photo of them together as tears stream down eddies face, eddy still wears what he usually wears but the difference is, he has yellow hair and double d still wears the same old hat since their childhood, Ed has black hair still wearing his childhood clothes as he cries just as much and edd proceeds to pat his pack saying: "It's going to be alright Ed." *he sniffs his voice chocking a little* "We will be.....fine....without him....." *As edd too bursts into tears…

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