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An Introduction

Hello everyone. My name is Matthew Stacks and I am a young filmmaker. Ever since 2012, I've been making short videos on my YouTube channel, Matthew Stacks. Genres I usually touch upon in my short videos are horror and comedy. If you want to see my work,  click the link here:

Every since 2013, I have been a fan of creppypastas. If it wasn't for creepypasta readers like I Read CreepyPastas and Mr Creepy Pasta, I would never know what a creepypasta is or any of the stories that I love today. Out of all the creepypastas that I heard or listened to, The Russian Sleep Experiment and Anansi Goatman Story. Recently I have gotten the craving to make my own. Two months ago, I wrote my first creepypasta called The One Who Hides in the Dark. Today I have finally posted it. I was holding it off for a while since I needed to make some changes and was busy with my YouTube channel. If you want to check it out my first creepypasta, you can read it here:

I hope you all have gotten to know me. I am glad that I am apart of a community filled with creative people and people who love creepypastas like I do. 

Matty Stacks (talk) 02:33, August 3, 2015 (UTC)

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