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ROMANI Creepy Pasta between 2 games

ROMANI (Creepypasta Majoras Mask & Super Mario 64)08:05

ROMANI (Creepypasta Majoras Mask & Super Mario 64)

It all started like this..
I was playing majoras mask... I enjoyed the game alot but then I got to the ranch..
About 30 seconds after I arrived these ghosts appeared. I knew this was a part of the game
I was in the middle of fighting the ghosts off, About half way in our power went out.
I didnt get to continue. When our power turned back on, I decided to give majoras mask a break.
I dusted off my old super mario 64 and placed it in my nintendo 64. Instantly when i started playing
something just didnt feel right. The audio wasnt working but I figured that was my television.
When I entered the Castle I instantly knew something was definately wrong. The doors were missing.
I took a look around but then I saw a toad, I decided to see what he had to say... He said "Death"
I was shocked when I saw this. I had no idea if this was a part of the game because its had been so long
since i've touched my super mario 64 cartridge. A few seconds after reading that "Death" Message. The
Same music that had played from the Ghost attack in majoras mask started playing in super mario 64!
I started to get more and more confused.. I couldnt think of anything else to do so I entered the
bomb-omb battlefield painting. It was all white for a few seconds but then, the ghost, from majoras mask
appeared for a few seconds. I instantly hit the reset button thinking maybe this is left over data from the
last time I played? Surely that was stupid to think... I was very frightend from this.

Now that the console was reset. I re-entered the file and went back to the castle.
There was still no music what so ever. Since everything was the same, the only idea I had was too
Enter another painting. I went into the whomps fortress painting. There was still no music.
I walked up to a sign and read it, the message was "Death"... The ghost attack music started up
again. I wanted to turn my console off but I was so curious... I walked over to the pink bomb-omb.
I talked to him/her and the same message showed up "Death". The cannon opened so I decided to just jump
in it. I didnt know where I wanted to go I was just so curious the whole time. I took a look at the bomb-omb
while in the cannon. There it was again, the ghost reappeared and disapeared. I saw a flag pole and just decided
to shoot at that. When I shot out of it... My game began to get very very laggy.. As it cut out and majoras mask
fadded in, the exact place I was standing when my power went out is where I was standing. After a few seconds.
The ghost attack started. My bow and arrow wouldnt work and I couldnt pause. I walked up to one of the
ghosts and decided to swing my sword at it... No luck. After a few tries I decided to move back a bit
and get a better look at the ghost. My console started lagging again. My screen faded out and faded in
to mario sleeping infront of whomps fortress as if this was a dream.

I jumped right back into that painting... a message showed up saying "You never finished what you started..."
I didnt quite figure out what that ment at that point... It faded back into the romani ranch.. A few seconds
later... The ghost attack started again. This time I could take my bow and arrow out. I decided to try
and defeat the ghosts. After about 2 minutes they all disapeared. A Message appeared saying
"Thats all romani wanted..." I instantly knew what "You never finished what you started" ment...

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