• Matrix31337vr

    [1]It all started like this..
    I was playing majoras mask... I enjoyed the game alot but then I got to the ranch..
    About 30 seconds after I arrived these ghosts appeared. I knew this was a part of the game
    I was in the middle of fighting the ghosts off, About half way in our power went out.
    I didnt get to continue. When our power turned back on, I decided to give majoras mask a break.
    I dusted off my old super mario 64 and placed it in my nintendo 64. Instantly when i started playing
    something just didnt feel right. The audio wasnt working but I figured that was my television.
    When I entered the Castle I instantly knew something was definately wrong. The doors were missing.
    I took a look around but then I saw a toad, I decided to see what he had to…

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