Many people think Sonic.EXE is stupid, dumb, not scary, and worthless but to me it is awesome but there is something way worst that Sonic.EXE it is called Devil Sonic.

This creepypasta is a gaming one but it all starts with a boy named Tim. Tim was a sonic fan he was so into sonic that he plays it everyday for the rest of his life. then one day there was a letter for Tim with a CD the letter says "DO YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH ME". The disk was the Sonic.EXE he played it in his computer and started. After a few hours on the game Tim said after the game "THAT WAS SOOOO BORING AND NOT COOL" Tim was a sonic fan but after seeing sonic like that he was mad and destroyed the CD and that changed his life because after he destroyed it the ground was shaking for a few seconds. After that it was all normal so he wanted to take a shower to calm down he thought at first it was a real earthquake but when he entered the bathroom a message on the mirror sayed "YOU ARE NEXT TIM" he was shocked after seeing that but then he knew what happened. It was his brother playing tricks on him it was dark and Tim went to bed and fell asleep. in his dreams he see Sonic.EXE and he was not impressed however next to him was something different and scary another sonic but with horns and blood all over him he can't tell tho who it really was but it sayed "YOU ARE NEXT TIM THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING" Tim backed away from the two sonics and ran he thought of that message on his mirror that sayed the same thing what that other sonic sayed it was real all real. he woke up scared and breathing hard he does have a headache so he got a glass of water but the water was odd it was all in blood and he dropped the glass and ran out side for some fresh air but it was way worst. the sky was in pure red with some black clouds and alot of corpses all over the ground he went back inside and locked his doors.