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  • MasterIce18

    Devil Sonic

    October 11, 2013 by MasterIce18

    Many people think Sonic.EXE is stupid, dumb, not scary, and worthless but to me it is awesome but there is something way worst that Sonic.EXE it is called Devil Sonic.

    This creepypasta is a gaming one but it all starts with a boy named Tim. Tim was a sonic fan he was so into sonic that he plays it everyday for the rest of his life. then one day there was a letter for Tim with a CD the letter says "DO YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH ME". The disk was the Sonic.EXE he played it in his computer and started. After a few hours on the game Tim said after the game "THAT WAS SOOOO BORING AND NOT COOL" Tim was a sonic fan but after seeing sonic like that he was mad and destroyed the CD and that changed his life because after he destroyed it the ground was sha…

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