I've been writing a lot lately, but I'm a little scared about posting them. I know that reading should be the creepy part, but while I was in the workshop I realized some people can be extremely rude. I don't see why it's necessary to completely call someone out about simple things and then move onto completely insulting them. I'm sorry, but I just don't understand. Anyway, I've been brainstorming new ideas for characters lately. I think it's about time I dig through my tiny, tattered journal and see if there's any back stories or settings actually worth keeping. That may be my problem, that I tend to go into too much detail when it comes to the main character. I found that readers don't care about that as much. I really enjoy that aspect though, so I think it'll be best for me if I start focusing my love for details into something the readers care more about, like setting, or maybe a cleaner dialogue. I struggle with that considering that English is my second language. That's all for now!

     -Marzia :3