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It's Under The Bed

Marxand02 December 30, 2011 User blog:Marxand02

IDK how to make a page, so i will be posting my creepypastas here for now.

NOTE: this is my first creepypasta, so it's probably not that good. but i hope you enjoy!

I'm laying in my bed. i check the clock, it says 11:34 PM. but i can't sleep. i have a strange feeling, that someone, or something is watching me. i feel cold, even though i'm under 3 blankets... wait, now there's only 1, but i check on the floor, there's nothing there. exept somthing strange, i swear when i looked down, i saw eyes. not just reular eyes, tiny, perfectly round eyes with pupils with no irises. i brush it off as my imagination playing tricks on me from staying up too long. i close my eyes, and drift off to sleep. i wake up the next morning. i have buring sensation in my arm, i look at it and see a ring of scabs just above my wrist. now i realize those eyes might have been something more. i decide to check it out later that night. later, i'm about to get in bed, but i remember i had to check under the bed for that... thing. i look under the bed and see somthing familiar, the blankets i lost last night. but now they're stained with blood. see the scabs on my arm and realize it's MY blood. i crawl into bed, and pretend to sleep. i hear something. and i feel it come out from under the bed. i open my eyes and see a hideous creature, with a round mouth with a ring of teeth, sharp as knives, the horrible, unblinking eyes i had seen the night before, with a scaly, reptilian skin. i scream as it lunges for my neck. the last thing i hear is the disgusting nose of it tearing my skin as i lose conciousness............

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