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  • FoggyGlasses55

    Okay, so I'm ironically busy in summer right now because of summer enrichment schedules, or as the mainstream calls it "Advanced Summer School".  You probably don't care much about my absence but just in case I'm not answering questions, admin notifications, or if someone actually finds me important enough to notice my hiatus, I'm posting this up.

    I'll probably be back somewhere around July/August 2016, hopefully.  I'll still come time to time like now, just not as frequently.  Meanwhile my WIP stories will be developed outside my laptop.

    So, for now, see you soon!

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  • FoggyGlasses55

    Self-explanatory title.

    Mine: It happened recently - I was writing a message to Empy about something but my IPad was very laggy, so I accidently posted it on his profile.

    God I still feel cringy about that

    What's yours?

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  • FoggyGlasses55

    So, Creepypastas are narrated through videos if they're good, right?  I was thinking, there could be a narration board where one person can host a thread while people could apply for narrations for their pastas.  Basic outline of this would be:

    Narrator: If you want a narration for your story, submit your story below and if I like it I'll narrate it!

    Guy #1: I want "Slenderman" narrated!

    Guy #2: I want "Room Zero" narrated!


    It would have complications I haven't worked out yet, but if the admins approved of it I could think of solutions.

    What do you think?

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