• Marifer sobarzo


    March 18, 2016 by Marifer sobarzo

    Hi, I'm here to introduce myself. I'm in middle school, I'm from Mexico (sometimes you can tell) and the weirdest things always happen to me, like it's a normal day, I'm walking all happy-go-lucky and something always happens, like I get punched in my face because of a soccer ball or something, or I suddenly remember the EXTREMLY IMPORTANT thing I had to bring/do, and I didn't bring/do it, then I'm like "OMG, what should I do?" and I get all paranoic and then find out that I'm supposed to bring/do the next day... sooo...yeah.

    Actually one time, I had to do this science project, which involed asking to ALL students in my school something about who got sick in between months and then do a graph about the amount of students that were in the su…

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