I just wanted to quickly talk about the main reason I joined this site to begin with. Of course I enjoyed reading all of these pastas and am happy with the community that seems to be built around this site, but the main reason I joined this site was to share a few stories about my upcoming pasta villain.

The stories following this villain is going to portray a twisted sense of morality and deal with one of my core themes as mentioned in the about me section; dealing with how easily one can accidently be corrupted, through Aberration and Delusion. I know most everyone on here keeps an open mind while reading, but I hope you allow yourself to be fully immersed in the tale when it is complete, to deliver the full impact of the characters' misadventures in each story.

I don't want to go into any further details as I obviously would rather no one take the idea and make it their own, but I hope you look out for my next post because it's going to be a holy good time.

I will post a link when the first story is up. Thou Shalt Not Kill

As well, to the admins, I understand we are not supposed to put up multiple part stories, and that is why want to briefly address these will be different stories/characters/locations/themes with a reoccuring villain as he is important to the portrayal of the themes in each story, which will be designed as stand alones, but together they will reveal a greater message.