So, that nightmare creepypasta never really panned out, huh?  I completely forgot what I was going to do with it actually, lol.  But it's been a long couple of months, and I have been a boss.  You should check out B6WritersBlock on YouTube, we're doing some very interesting stuff in relation to creepypastas, and we'd hate for anyone to go to sleep before they got a chance to check out our work.

I digress, I've been working on stories on my blog, although I can't advertise it here cause I'm not sure how that falls into the links to external sites rule, there are a few I can bring on here because; well they are creepypastas.  I also started doing readings, vlogging, and of course, YouTube gaming as a hobby.  You can also check me out on CPN, which I'm sure many of you have.  Not quite as story/writer driven as this site I think, but it's still another way to unite the community.

Anywho, I just thought to update and, well, blog on here, because it seemed relevant to update on my going ons.