OKAY!!! After an embaressing start, I have gotten my act together and fixed my listing mistakes for my first story! Everything should be good now. Oh crud, did that while it was still Friday the 13th...

Well anyways I'm Margurka, don't know if this thing shows my real name but I'll fix that if I can. I've been writing stories since I was probably four years old. It started with poorly drawn comic books of an original story if I do say so myself, but not very unique cast. I called it Power Kids and it was literally a cross between Power Rangers and DBZ except they were the children of certain characters. That was fun

My username comes from my most ambitious story which I will not be writing anything about on here as the story isn't creepy but hey, maybe you can contact me when I've finished it. It's been in the works for twelve years due to general education but I plan to write it soon. Margurka's a character in it that I plan on writing my own morals into, but that's not to say he's just like me, he's just my favorite.

Well that's all I feel like putting into an introduction but if you want to know more just go to the one page with the stuff about me.