I'm gonna be filming a movie soon, it will be a movie about the Slenderman. I know The Tall Man is coming out soon, and it sounds good but I have my own idea what will terrify us about the Slendy. Let's just say not knowing who to trust can be a hopeless feeling. I've always thought of Slendy as being one step ahead of everybody. The script's done, we're technically in the production phase but we've not been sure about good times to film so the process is going to be slow, especially with school coming up, but I'll get word out when it's ready.

Also, I'd like to point out my orginal The Night I Chose to Remember has been approved for and will be up Aug. 30th. It's not much different, the edits here are clearer about what I'm trying to suggest to the audience but it's still the exact same story.