A sadistically twisted thing happened to me before that I forgot to mention. If you take a brief look at the about me section you'll see that I have a unique religion. Well I took about two hours orginally writing out all my personal information and explaining my motivations behind that religion. I tapped publish, and the connection terminated. I'd never felt more open in my life, I felt like I was unwinding this pent up stress in finally announcing my beliefs to the world, telling people my long drawn past dabbling in Philosophy, Religion, and Writing. And the connection, terminated.

The connection. Terminated.

I lost everything.


So basically the information on my about me profile stuff, that's the short version of me trying to reclaim the exhileration then giving up when I realized it was just as destroying as the ME3 ending. If you have not played ME3 you cannot comprehend the spectrum of emotions I am talking about.

The. Connection. Terminated.