I'm just a regular guy who usually goes on the Ps3 to play games for fun. I play all sorts of games. FPS, Adventure, that kind of thing.

When I'm bored and have my own time I might make a few stories of creepypasta for fun. My first one is "HAZE" Lost Level. I can't wait 'till i make another pasta :D

I usually play Saints Row: The Third now. I play Halo Combat Evolved too. I always got my killtacular with my sniper and shotgun.

My Third favourite game is CoD: Mw2. Im a 5th prestige level 1 (Yes, I prestiged a week ago..).

If you wanna add me on PSN, My PSN ID is sprsproog.+

I'll be going to XBL after the new year, I miss playing my games on Xbox, I wont abandon Ps3, I wont be playing my Ps3 as much when I get my new Xbox 360.

I like to play games on my PC as well. I like playing UT2K3 (which is dead by now, but i could care less.), I also like playing Halo 2 (It's buggy as hell on pc when you download the old crack for xp).

Well, thats all the info about me. i will update when i get into something like another game or something. Buh Bye for now :)