Before writing this blog, I had read a couple of pastas, particularly micro pastas, which rejoiced at the fact, that humanity, the cold blooded assassin of the universe, is dead. Now, there could be no more wars, no fights, no bloodshed... nothing but calm. Then there was this story, about a race of creatures, living in absolute tranquility, but when they realize the presence of humans, a race genetically coded to demolish itself, they start lamenting for us humans.

It's not that I am fretted by such pastas, which highlight the sins of humanity. Though some of these make me catch a few 'zzz..zzz..zzz's, but, it's the naiveness of us humans which fumes me. We will keep hearing of the sins of humanity, and the woe it brings to the entire world. Yet, that will not stop a handful of people dropping bombshells on buildings, and reduce them to rubble.

And, let me be clear, because of a few disgraceful souls in the community, it's the entire community which has to bear the repercussions, and the entire community loses it's honor. And rest of the world, the outsiders from the opposite sect, ridicules them.

To humiliate stories trying to expiate the sins of humanity is not my objective. All I want, is an answer, perhaps your opinion, to the thought, that:

What if races other than humanity do exist, and are able to reach out to us? Then, will they, try to bring us to the right path of life, by blessing the committers of the sins, and restoring peace?

Or, perhaps they will realize it's too late for remorse now, and, decide to remove the weed from the root, that is : What if they eradicate the entire humanity as a whole? That would solve it, as, there would be no one left to commit the sins.....

Surely then, the authors of such pastas would have nothing to complain about.