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Man's best friend

  • I live in New Delhi, India
  • I was born on July 4
  • My occupation is Cricket fan, Music fan, (aspiring to be) Member of All India Bakchod
  • I am Male
  • Man's best friend

    OK guys, so in this blog, I would like your votes for the 'Best DJ/ EDM producer in the world'. Recently, me and my friend San had a big arguement over the topic. He called David Guetta, hands down, stating that no one had Vocal Features as good as his, ranging from Sia, Sam Martin, Ne-yo,etc., and, went as far as saying that no one had better Instrumentals than him. I abruptly cut him off, remindining that Calvin Harris is presently the highest paid DJ in the world, let alone that his featured Vocals incude cameos from Florence Welch, Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, John Newman, etc. And, is there a DJ whose instrumentals are as cool as Calvin's? Besides that, the best part (totally not related to the topic), Calvin has been dating Taylor Swift,…

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  • Man's best friend

    I am not really sure if many of the readers would appreciate the content or not, but let's see;)

    The T20 World Cup arrives in my home , India, this year. I believe there cannot be fans more thrilled than us Indians about this tournament!!!

    Let's start by discussing the squad of the Home Favorites India. Having recently won the Asia Cup T20 in Bangladesh, surely, there will not be any lack in confidence. The batting looks quite settled, with the top order being in sublime form. The likes of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma have been further boosted by Shikhar Dhawan's renewed form. It was also good to see southpaw Yuvraj Singh hitting the ball out of the park, and remaining unbeaten in most of his knocks. But, the biggest positive is skipper Mah…

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  • Man's best friend

    Before writing this blog, I had read a couple of pastas, particularly micro pastas, which rejoiced at the fact, that humanity, the cold blooded assassin of the universe, is dead. Now, there could be no more wars, no fights, no bloodshed... nothing but calm. Then there was this story, about a race of creatures, living in absolute tranquility, but when they realize the presence of humans, a race genetically coded to demolish itself, they start lamenting for us humans.

    It's not that I am fretted by such pastas, which highlight the sins of humanity. Though some of these make me catch a few 'zzz..zzz..zzz's, but, it's the naiveness of us humans which fumes me. We will keep hearing of the sins of humanity, and the woe it brings to the entire wor…

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