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  • I live in home is where the heart is... I live in a ribcage...
  • I was born on May 21
  • My occupation is churner of ideas
  • I am abnormal, strange, weird, ostracized by society... So I came here.
  • Majormojo500

    About me and my face...

    September 24, 2013 by Majormojo500

    Hello all who care to read this. :) M ia Majormojo500, but I'll let you call me mojo. All (zero) of my friends do. here's some specs on me: 

    height: 6 ft

    weight:190 lbs.

    hair: ruddy brown

    eyes: brown

    race: white


    I have a beard. 

    I like to eat sandwiches with bannanas, PB and honey :D (not people)

    I have a cat named teenie, who has become fat recently... irony.

    I love a good, long pasta. One that will creep me right the hell out the front door. If YOU, whoever YOU are, have any pasta suggestions I'd love to hear them. I leave feedback on about every pasta I read. I really love to read a good pasta at 2 am and get freaked the F out. XD 

    I was borned and raised right here on planet earth. so I can really relate to people well. if I can't get alon…

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