I'm sure that maybe 3 people will read this, and 2 of them will know what I'm talking about.

I wasn't on chat at the time of the drama that got the whole thing shut down, but I read the logs and a few of the members' blog posts on the subject. To me it comes off as killing a fly with a sledgehammer, but what the hell do I know? I'm just another stupid fuck lost in the ocean of stupid fucks.

This exact same revolution/revolt malarky happened a week or two ago, but only with 3 users (who I'm not going to name, you know who you are). The joke went too far both times, and look where that's gotten us. Yes, rebelling against a system that isn't there is pointless. Raging at admins is nothing more than a convenient way to get your dumb ass banned, and taking a more diplomatic approach is the way to go if you actually want something to change.

On a more general note, this place seems to be falling apart in an eerily similar manner to a now long-gone board that I once frequented, with shitstorms and many people either deciding to leave or getting banned. But what do I know? I'm a stupid fuck. I just wanna live life and be dumb and happy like an american.

Well, that's all my rambling for tonight. I'll probably wake up tomorrow, look at this, and realize that I shouldn't write about the state of affairs at 3 AM.

Heh, this was all invalidated after literally about 10 minutes. Move along, nothing to see here.