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    Broken Chat

    July 29, 2013 by MagmaMan4488

    Logging onto the chat isn't working. The page template loads, but none of the user bits or... well, the actual "chat" part load. Can any of the more technically inclined users here (like Maria) let me know why this is happening or offer a solution?

    Jeez, I leave for 2 days with no internet and come back to this.

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  • MagmaMan4488

    I'm sure that maybe 3 people will read this, and 2 of them will know what I'm talking about.

    I wasn't on chat at the time of the drama that got the whole thing shut down, but I read the logs and a few of the members' blog posts on the subject. To me it comes off as killing a fly with a sledgehammer, but what the hell do I know? I'm just another stupid fuck lost in the ocean of stupid fucks.

    This exact same revolution/revolt malarky happened a week or two ago, but only with 3 users (who I'm not going to name, you know who you are). The joke went too far both times, and look where that's gotten us. Yes, rebelling against a system that isn't there is pointless. Raging at admins is nothing more than a convenient way to get your dumb ass banned, …

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  • MagmaMan4488

    So, you just sat down to read a creepypasta, and you want to listen to some music. You can't listen to the Lavender Town theme, since it's already been done to death (no pun intended). You need something new.

    Here's what I listen to, just in case someone actually cares (yeah, right):

    • Johnny Cash - Hurt (Instrumental)
    • KMFDM - The Unrestrained Use Of Excessive Force
    • DJ Shadow - Stem/Long Stem/Transmission 2
    • Aphex Twin - Blur
    • Aphex Twin - Tree
    • Tool - Eon Blue Apocalypse
    • PSX Doom - Hell Keep
    • Aphex Twin - Parallel Stripes

    These were in no particular order.

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  • MagmaMan4488

    Hello, this is a blog.

    January 16, 2013 by MagmaMan4488

    It displays letters and numbers, and sometimes even pictures, videos, and all that fun stuff. Now go read a different one that actually has some substance.

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