personally I LOVE scary stories, or creepypastas. I don't know why, its just something about the chill you get when hearing them, its like a drug to me, like my own personal brand of heroine (BTW I don't support or like Twilight I just couldn't help myself from putting that in). a lot of my friends don't share my love for horror unfortunately, but that's why I'm here (obviously).

this is my first time at this site (hence the title) and I'm excited to read the stories it has to offer. I'm not new to the Creepypasta world, I've been there for a while. listening to the stories on YouTube (MrCreepypasta is of course the best). some of my favorite are:

The Russian Sleep Experiment: this is actually the first Creepypasta story I heard and I was not disappointed. if you haven't already read it I highly suggest you stop reading this pointless blog and read that instead.

The Showers: I feel that this story doesn't get enough attention for how good it is. ill be honest its not the best but is defiantly high on the list of 'Creepypastas that need more recognition'.

now at this point I have to ask myself why I'm not reading the stories but instead writing this. really makes you wonder what goes on in my head, huh? well I guess you'll have to wait (if you even cared at all) to find out cause I came to my senses and am now going to go read.


P.S. please put suggestions of good creepypastas in the comments. thank you!