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    Where Am I question

    September 5, 2014 by MSE205

                    Hey everyone MSE205 here. I have a question to ask you guys. Would you want a sequal to "Where Am I" and if yes, give me ideas.  And me and SimpleyAShadow are working to gether a new seires. 

    Also let me tell you where I got the story idea for "Where Am I"  I was sitting in PD8 and listening to the teacher describe the devolpment of the baby during the months of pregnacy...and the rest is history. If you want I'll show you the original draft of Where Am I (origanlly titled The Voice) Peace MSE out.

    P.S. how do we change our usernames?


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  • MSE205

    Rate System

    June 9, 2014 by MSE205

    Hello everyone I have a bit of a complaint about when somebody post an story and an admin can delete for certain issues. Everyone is scared of something diffrent, so it doesn't seem fair when admins delete stories if they find it not frightning. The story could be frightining to someone else. So I believe Admins should not delete a story if they find it not frightining, just to repeat what Iv'e been saying, someone else could find it frightining and the other could could not. 

                                              Please take this into consideration.

                                                 --Mohamad205 (talk) 18:41, June 9, 2014 (UTC)Mohamad205

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  • MSE205

    I'm going to make a list of all the good Pokepastas I read:

    1. Lavernder Town Syndrome 

    2. Pokemon Dead Channel

    3. Pokemon Death Snap

    4. Forgotten Yellow

    5. Lost Silver

    6. Obsidian Black

    7. Nurse Joy (not really scary but creepy as hell)

    8. Glitchy Red

    9. Buryman/Buried Alive

    10. The Club

    11. Strangled Red

    12. I'm Not a Clone

    13. Super Creepy Pokemon Hack

    14. Creepy Black

    15. Ditto Theory

    These are just a few, I might have another list later.


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  • MSE205

    Basically what the title says.

    (I wonder if the guy who made the Hitler comment can do it in Spanish & Arabic)

    But no guys seriously, there were bunch of good suggestions by people who weren't saying gigantic no's (btw that was awesome) and Hitler himself came back from the dead to say no (now, if only Bin Ladin (it was a joke, I honestly mean no offence, if you feel offended))

    Back to main point. I agree about no Lavender Town stories, and it has to be completely original. But I mad a mistake of limiting it to only Pokémon, when I made that post I only included Pokémon, but I actually meant was to let us...all of us write a creepy gaming pasta, not just limited to Pokémon. Like "Minecraft, Pokémon, or "haunted file/game" pastas." (Quote).


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  • MSE205


    November 5, 2013 by MSE205

        The date is November 5, 2013      ( 11/05/2013 )

       Well i'm happy to say in the Muslim Calender this is the new year: it's  1435. So happy New Year 

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