• Lyra lee

    my life simpilified

    May 30, 2015 by Lyra lee


              My name's Tamia Lutz i lived a normal life up until i turned 9 that's when I started to have these things called seizures. a Seizure is when your brain misfires. I thought i pased out how wrong i was. I found out i had epilepsy, that means when i hade seizures i got tired afterwards. Well after a couple years my house burned down and my brother had just got diagnosed with autism. I can't really explain what autism is so look it up.  we lived with my mom's sister and my seizures got a whole lot worst because of the medicine i was on. So i had to go to the hospital i had more than 100 seizures as soon as i came out of one i went right back in one. Well i had that hospital stay then some more after that.  My docters they either upeā€¦

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