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My Featured Artwork

I had four of my art pieces featured on Equestria Daily!

You can find my featured art pieces here:

The art pieces featured were:

MLP Key Chains:

MLP Beaded Cosplay Ears:

Octavia Cutie Mark Fashion Necklace:

Vinyl Scratch Cutie Mark Fashion Necklace:

I also had nine of my art pieces featured in the film Faye's Redemption!

You can see my featured art pieces by checking out the film's Facebook Page here:

Help Faye's Redemption reach 500 likes and get a theatrical release by liking their Seed & Spark page:

The art pieces featured were:

Abstract Fire, Water, And Steam:

Abstract Heart:

Keep The Faith:

Wishing Koi:

Still Life Boxes:

Three Buckets:

Roy's Metal Guitar:

African Beaded Matrimonial Pot:

Angel Light: