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    November 17, 2013 by Lullaby119

    Have you felt it?

    That feeling you get when you're sitting alone in a dark room, or walking down the street, or being in an unknown area.

    It makes you feel like a kid again. Shutting off the lights and running away, because of the fear that the Boogeyman would get you. That's the feeling I mean. 'The bugs.'

    There's no other way to describe it. It's like bugs inching

    their way around your skin, when you feel.. no, when you KNOW

    something isn't right. Something is watching you, and it can get you you,

    if you allow it to.

    It wont stop trying to haunt your very being once it gets to you.

    It is trying to make itself known. Whether you put up a

    brave front or not, once it's there, it has free reign.

    it wont stop until it gets what it wants.

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