Love Me Cruelly

aka Thorn Volkov

  • I live in Louisiana
  • My occupation is Student. Permanently.
  • I am Female
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    What? Oh, and Hi.

    September 27, 2014 by Love Me Cruelly

    So, Hello. Love Me Cruelly, here! Everyone can simply call me Thorn, though. I mostly write poetry, which is very helpful here isn't it? XD If you wanna see that, please just leave a comment either here, on Sun's Revenge, or on The Girl and the Deceitful One. My poetry as of the moment, however, is of rather little importance.  I'm a girl, obviously. I'm not interested in the possibility of any sort of ridiculous online relationships. I also have a very wide range of interests, that I'm sure you don't care to hear.

    I promise I'm not nearly as much of a jerk as I probably sound. Right now, though. I am confused. Please forgive me for my great nievity, but what is the point of clicking the 'edit' button, only to not edit anything??? I don't g…

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