Just a blog um many of the pasta maker's know about Shadow Man well i know about SM in my childhood before i knew about creepypasta's well my friend Ryan told me the story here's the day he told me his version of the story 2005 third grade outside Wednesday October 10th com'n Isaac hurry up ok! um Ryan why are looking at this creepy house  hey Isaac what ? .Do you know the shadow man?  no why ok here his side of SM story ok are you sure you want  to hear  it yes Ryan  ok. The shadow man lives in this house if sees an kid on his yard he takes them into his house um what happends to the kids. He kills them! he is also an ghost if you say Shadow man 5 or 8 times bad things happen to you like what ? bad luck dummy ok thats creepy . Lunch time in line shadow man ,shadow man, shadow man, shadow man Isaac ! stop that i don't believe in ghosts Ryan haha isaac i forgot to tell you something if say shadow man  5 or 8 times he comes for you haha trying to scare me are -. No im not ! ok ok just calm down man i was just joking around sorry that night i was watching  naruto on toonnami a recorded episode of how gaara won against rock lee man i love anime hey isaac yeah nathaniel (he is my older brother ) here pokemon sliver? i have 2 of them you can have this one hey i can't save my- oh sorry i gave you the glitchy one no fair! .6/8/06 summer is here hi Andrew (first friend i ever had ) look oh pokemon silver i have ruby thats a old gen. game oh dam everyone has new ones hey mom can i get pokemon ruby yes you can yes! but for x-mas dam but thats 6 months away go ask nathaniel if you can get one of his ok.Hey nathaniel can have a game sure what kind ? pokemon pokemon gold wow thankx just don't burn it! ok (im a pyro) 2007 what were moving ! why because isaac -ill write more tomorrow bai-bai.