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Get to know me...Or not? ^.^"

Okay, whether or not you know me, that of which I honestly don't expect you to, aha, I'll try to help by that...

I'm shy, for one. Maybe you already noticed? ^.^" I love to help others, and by my name, I love Lost Silver, and music, not meaning piano by default. It's really calming, isn't it? Piano music, I mean. I want to learn piano... o^o" Ahaha, I know how to play recorder and baritone, so I know some, but not that much. ^.^ I can't draw or sing to save my life, but too bad, listen/look at me anyways! >:D

So. Um. My favorite 'Pastas here are Jeff the Killer, Lost Silver, Tarnished Gold, and Blue Tears. ^.^

I'm insane~

Dunno what else to say--Oh, um, I love Pokemon and Cave Story!

I also love anime! Angel Beats, Death Note, Naruto, Hetalia, Durarara, Fruits Basket, Black Butler, Inuyasha...

Ahaha. Vocaloid is the best~ And now, bye. ^.^

I'm happy now.

Lost Silver's Piano (talk) 15:12, December 14, 2012 (UTC)

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