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So after many years of hearing about this creepy pasta nonsense I have finally caved in and joined. I cant say how long this is going to last but I will say that so far i am finding this to be... interesting. And as I write this, I am slowly realising that the next post I do will inevitably be written on my document writer. I am terrible for capitalisation and my document writer does that for me.  No many who many or may not read this may view what i have written to be a bit pretentious.

However I don't really care, that is to say say that there is enough going on in my life without people assuming the worst of me because of a post. I like to think that I am not pretentious in the slightest, but I am aware that I come across as such. If anyone were to try to get to know me then I am almost certain that they would find me a little different to what my writing is like here. 

This blogging thing is something that is also a little new to me, not completely so but defiantly something that I am not akin to as of yet.  In conclusion, this could be a bit of fun for me and a way of improving my writing, I welcome all critiques, and I welcome all with open arms of friendships. However if you are an ass then kindly go fuck off I have no time for your Bull shit. 

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