aka Luis Alvarez

  • I live in Puerto Rico
  • I was born on May 1
  • My occupation is DJ
  • I am male
  • Lord-Astaroth

    Im Luis Alvarez better known by my alias Lord Astaroth.I wanted to bring you this story is not well written nor is the full thing is just events that are gonna happen and I want people to help me with constructive critics so I can get better at writting horror stories since this is my first.

    The story tells of a dad and his son that moved to Kansas for a new begginning because of a tragedy his wife had a car accident for a unknown reason nobody found who or what did it just her dead corpse in the car.Everything was normal in the house just that in his son's room in the dark a malevolent being resided there torturing the boy with nightmares and sometimes the boy saw in the dark a girl with long black hair that reached her shoulders,a white d…

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