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    The Jeff Formula

    September 22, 2015 by Lolliepuff

    Here's the page if you need to read it  

    I will discuss:

    1. What is the "Jeff Formula"? (in better detail)

    2. How DO you write a pasta using the "Jeff Formula"?

    3. That's all... really...

    YOUR NEXT xdddddd

    The Jeff Formula, or a Jeff inspired story/pasta, is a story that DIRECTLY rips-off the story of Jeff the Killer (Here's the page to read it). In order for it to use the Jeff Formula, it must include the following:

    • Kid/Teenager's family is new to a neighbourhood.
    • Kid/Teenager's family meets some neighbours
    • Kid/Teenager's family gets invited to party of some sort
    ~next day~
    • Kid/Teenager gets confronted by bully/bullies at bus/train/whatevertransportyouuse stop
    • Kid/Teenager's sibling gets grabbed by a bully
    • Kid/Teenager gets mad and beats bully/bullieā€¦

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