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  • I am Squid
  • Lolguy0000

    I know, I know it is a popular opinion of many horror gamers out there but I wanted to share my opinions on the Game series.

    Solo Five Nights at Freddy's is a horror series that consists of building up the story and the jump scares (the game is pretty damn suspenseful at times.) After a while the game get boring because you have faced all the jump scares before and it is not scary at all, but do you know the real scary thing? THE FANDOM.

    Holy crap is the fandom for these games is bad, First of all you get cringe fan art of the animatronics like praying to Jesus or Taking a massive dump, (Possibly eating someone if it is Deviant art.) There is endless porn of the game but hey the porn is not that bad now let’s get down to the core of the canc…

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