Is it really a reason to celebrate or establish change? Let's be honest, our calendar year is trumped by time zones and even cultures simply having a different day to declare a "New Year". I look at it as, we all live one long year, called a life time.

Years are simply just another tool of short, meaningless measurment. For instance: most people can explain the first ten years of their life alot easier than they could this past year. When you look beyond living on a year to year basis, or even week to week, life turns into an adventure. If you live for today, and regret it tomorrow, at least you will have the knowledge to change the things you know you regret. I emphasize "know" becuase most people have to learn from experience rather than instruction. 

So, in reality, no matter how much I say "Don't celebarate a new year, celebrate today", people will conitnue to make their own mistakes, and rightfully so. We are all entitled to our own mistakes, after all, they say our imperfection is what makes us "human".

Then again, once you're addicted to Creepy Pastas are you human at all anymore? Lol, I sometimes wonder about my own "humanity".