Hey guys.

Made a tough decision today. As you know it, some people on this wiki are a bunch of bitches (no offence). Well, I accidentally said something about rape, which I didn't know which wasn't allowed. People started to say 'don't say it' and then a user says rape jokes are funny. We all said it isn't, then Princess Robot whatever her name is (no offence, again) comes up and tells me to 'leave the chat'. She starts on me like a little cow, then we argue for no reason. Typically - she argues for no reason. Then, innocent Grammatik comes up and starts on me.

I've decided I'm sick on this wiki and all of you admins and chat mods need to sort this shit out, because a user is leaving - ME.

I'll come back when you all sort this out and stop being moaning-ass bitches.

- LizardMaster178Talk!Eevee BW 17:33, September 26, 2013 (UTC)