• LixxyTheMadGirl

    The Lonely Life

    June 19, 2015 by LixxyTheMadGirl

    Standing all by yourself in some places doesn't mean that you are depressed or sad. It means that you prefer to be alone. I like to be by myself because some people are just too annoying and gag-worthy to be around me. Some just immediately label me as 'emo'. They don't understand the need to be alone because they see that being social is a priority.

    Like this one time, I sat at the back alone and reading a book. Nobody sat next to me as half of the class didn't like me that much. The teacher was walking around class to see if we are doing the task she had given. I immediately drop my reading and copy the notes in front, seeing that she was heading my way. She looked around and spotted me sitting by the window. She approached my desk and st…

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