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Hello everyone

LiviChan February 26, 2013 User blog:LiviChan

Hi i am new on here  and i kind of want to tell you a little something about myself ^^ okay well i love creepypasta (no shit sherlock) and anime..... i have watched a lot but i have to say my faveorite is Hetalia!  And one thing i have to say. None of the creepypastas scare me but the rake makes me shit bricks... i can't handle him he scares the fuck out of me. i can't sleep.. but any-who, i have to say my most biggest fear is being all by self in a room. I have to be with someone or i get really scared i scream sometimes or get the fuck out of there. Well anything more just ask me! also i have a deviantart which is: LiviChan 

and a Youtube which is: TheLiviChan

so basiclly my username for everything is always LiviChan or in the area of LiviChan XD

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