If you ever talked to me on chat you would no i am a huge SNES (super nintendo) fan. I've been thinking what could be my all time favorite game on the little system that could ( and did) and hear you are reading it.

10: Super Mario RPG Legend of The Seven Stars A Great beginers Rpg and i recament it to anyone

9: Final Fantasy II ( IV) The best FF ever made in my opinion. Great music and has the best last boss in any FF

8: Lufia II rise of the sinistrals A really underrated RPG, Had some great gameplay. Think of it as golden sun on the snes

7: Mario World, A great game and do i really need to explain why this game is fun?

6: Pocky & Rocky, Great game, Great soundtrack, Funny moments and you get to play as a racoon dog! What more is their to ask? Well i guess it doesnt need to be as hard as it is.

5: Super Castlevania IV. Not to hard or to easy and takes some skill to master, has the best soundtrack also.

4: Super Metroid, Two words. Best Metroid ever made! Wait thats four..... Next Game!

3: A Link to the past. Link made his return to this classic and with new moves harder quest and the how did i live with out that move. The Spin attack.

2: Chrono Trigger A hell of a soundtrack, one of the best stories in games ever to be writin and has most bad ass villen to turn good in any rpg Magus. .........A dark wind begins to blow.

And my number one favorite game on snes is

1 Earthbound. A great game that i recamend to anyfan of RPGS or games. Funny humor, Great sountrack, and had one of the most fucked up final bosses ever made.

Whats your list? I would like to hear it. Sadly Donkey Kong country didnt make my list even tho i love the game.