Just really, why do we have so many of them? I know the game is popular and i have nothing against the game ( I just don't like it) but why do we have so many pastas? Look at that! Look at all of them! 88% is about that not scary herobrine. Why do we need so many Minecraft Pastas? Same with Pokemon pastas. Some are great like Tommy boy, explorers of the dead, Pokemon Dead channel, just to name a few good one's, but come on! Enough is enough. Please do something new and original, don't barrow from one hit pasta and make it new. Speaking of rehash, BEN, we really don't need any more spin off pastas of BEN. Its not even a good pasta (In my opinion)and is also really overrated. Just please do something original and creative. Almost every day when i check Wiki History i see a minecraft or pokemon pasta that was edited or created. 7 times out of ten we just delete the suckers. So cleric can we just make a rule on minecraft,pokemon,and Ben pastas? Like we still allow them but they need to be original and new ( And good) not just a rehash. And dont get me started on Spongebob pastas. Anyways. Thanks for reading yours truly Linkstar. --"Tom cats you cant live with them and you cant throw them down a well and drown them Linkstar 04:52, January 27, 2012 (UTC)