I mean fucking really. We leave a talk message on YOUR talk page linking THE RULES! and ARTICLE LISTING! But no. You refuse i mean down right ignore that, You refuse to read the god damn mother fucking rules and bitch when we ban you for not updating article listing. The page is fucking underlined! I mean even a inbred monkey that had its brains scooped out with a god damn ice cream scoop can see that. Either people now are fucking stupid as all hell, or downright stubborn and doesn't follow the rules unless we bash them in the skull until they are bleeding, twitching flopping on the ground in a pool of their own blood like a fish out of water with a fucking ban hammer. Sigh.... I swear Cleric Moose Bush Bill Me Slosh Diff and Jav are the only ones hear that are smart. (I could include everyone so no offence to anyone i didn't mention.) Well. I'm getting my Megaton Banhammer and smash some skulls with it if you need me.

What a bunch of freaking morons! Its right there on your talk page!

"Obey the rules or else i beat you with my Megaton Ban-Hammer" Linkstar 04:58, February 23, 2012 (UTC)