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    I mean fucking really. We leave a talk message on YOUR talk page linking THE RULES! and ARTICLE LISTING! But no. You refuse i mean down right ignore that, You refuse to read the god damn mother fucking rules and bitch when we ban you for not updating article listing. The page is fucking underlined! I mean even a inbred monkey that had its brains scooped out with a god damn ice cream scoop can see that. Either people now are fucking stupid as all hell, or downright stubborn and doesn't follow the rules unless we bash them in the skull until they are bleeding, twitching flopping on the ground in a pool of their own blood like a fish out of water with a fucking ban hammer. Sigh.... I swear Cleric Moose Bush Bill Me Slosh Diff and Jav are the …

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  • Linkstar

    Quitting wiki chat

    February 12, 2012 by Linkstar

    Well all im doing is trying to do my job and everyone freaks out over me, I kick Bobby for racism and everyones like "Why was he quit he didnt do anything wrong!" you know what? I was just following the rules the way Cleric wrote them. Still going to read storys on hear but untill everyone stops freaking out at me for doing my freaking job, im not coming back on. When i kick Blaine or anyother user for breaking Rule 0: Dont be a asshole, everyone freaks out. I see i'm not wanted hear, Goodbye. I hope you all have a good, long and happy life. Cause i wont be apart of it. "Tom cats you cant live with them and you cant throw them down a well and drown them Linkstar 01:19, February 12, 2012 (UTC)

    UPDATE!!!: I read the comments and im not leavin…

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  • Linkstar

    Just really, why do we have so many of them? I know the game is popular and i have nothing against the game ( I just don't like it) but why do we have so many pastas? Look at that! Look at all of them! 88% is about that not scary herobrine. Why do we need so many Minecraft Pastas? Same with Pokemon pastas. Some are great like Tommy boy, explorers of the dead, Pokemon Dead channel, just to name a few good one's, but come on! Enough is enough. Please do something new and original, don't barrow from one hit pasta and make it new. Speaking of rehash, BEN, we really don't need any more spin off pastas of BEN. Its not even a good pasta (In my opinion)and is also really overrated. Just please d…

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  • Linkstar

    A apology.

    January 22, 2012 by Linkstar

    It has come to my attention that a lot of users are mad at me, and wish for me to lose admin rights. After hearing all the details i really can’t blame you. You see i have a disorder. Bipolar disorder to be exact. I really do my best to stay in one neutral mood, but that really hard. I tried the meds and didn’t like the side effects at all. One such side effect made my eyesite blurry to the point of not even being able to tell if the hand in front of my face was a hand or a picaso painting. To every user who is scared of me and is uncomfortableness of my online presence, and is in fear of being banned or scolded at, do not worry. I would not do that. Sure sometimes i yell and sometimes i cry, but i cant really control that. You see i would…

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  • Linkstar

    Sopa Protest.

    January 18, 2012 by Linkstar

    We need all the help we need. Sign Tell your friends everyone you know. Watch and learn. ESA is in full suport for Sopa. They run E3. Bocot E3.

    We need your help. Everyone. Gamers, music lovers, Bloggers, and yes even internet trolls. We need your help. Together we can send this bill to the lower parts of hell to burn for life.

    Everyone Row Row Fight The Powah! [1] Tell everyone! Sign hear! PLEASE! HELP if you enjoy anything on the net then stand up.…

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